Refrigeration with Daikin

Daikin is now offering a comprehensive portfolio of market-tested products for a variety of applications. Established products combined with innovative solutions make DAIKIN a perfect partner from the very start.
The development of the “Conveni-Pack” supermarket refrigeration unit marked an extremely successful entry into the professional refrigeration market for DAIKIN.
The integration of the British company J&E Hall has significantly expanded the DAIKIN product range.

The following documents are generally related to the Applied Systems section:


Conveni Pack R410A

-Unique solution for supermarkets and petrol stations-

Conveni-Pack is a unique system developed to provide a total heating+cooling solution for small to medium-sized stores or petrol-stations. The system combines interior units for heating and cooling with refrigeration showcases and deep-freeze cabinets, with energy recovery for unsurpassed efficiencies.


-DC Inverter driven condensing units for medium and low temperature-

  • Perfect solution for applications with variable load conditions and high energy efficiency requirements such as supermarkets, cold storage, blast coolers and freezers etc.
  • DC inverter scroll compressor with economizer function results in high energy efficiency and reliable performance
  • Reduced CO² emissions thanks to the use of R-410A refrigerant and low energy consumption
  • Factory tested and pre-programmed for quick and easy installation and commissioning
  • VRV® (Varable Refrigerant Volume) technology for flexible application range
  • Increased installation flexibility thanks to limited dimensions
  • Low sound level including "night mode" operation

Booster Unit

-Freezer booster pack-

Conveni-pack can be provided with a freezer booster pack for use with low temperature refrigeration. This option additional energy savings and simplifies installation by limiting the length of heavily insulated pipe required.

The freezer booster pack is installed indoors.

The freezer booster pack contains a satellite compressor which provides the fist compression stage from - 35°C into the suction line of the high temperature refrigeration. The second stage compression is performed in the outdoor unit. This allows significantly lower compression rates, energy consumption and end temperatures.


-Condensing Units-

    Main benefits
  • Low operation sound Level
  • Easy to install - fully equipped - packaged
  • Energy efficiency and performance
  • Robust and reliable design


These industrial condensing units are real workhorses designed for maximum performance in minimum space.

  • High energy efficiency: inverter controlled compressor,economizer, high performance condenser
  • Possibility of having a stand-by compressor
  • Very quiet
  • Easy installation, ready to connect evaporators
  • Integrated starter and control panel with electronic controller
  • Approved according to EN 378-2008 (safety, pressure, EMC and voltage directive)
  • Refrigerants: R-404A, R-134a, R-407C, R-507A

Condensing Units