Indoor Units

Daikin offers one of the largest ranges of various types and sizes of indoor units, including some completely unique models such as the Round-flow Cassette and the 4-way Blow Ceiling Suspended unit.

Outdoor Units

VRV outdoor units are amongst the most reliable and efficient in the industry and are offered in types not matched by the competition, including Heat Recovery and Water Cooled solutions.


The following are general documents for the VRV product section:



-Heat Recovery Ventilation-

Daikin offers not only recirculating air conditioning, but a complete solution for comfort including fresh air management.

Control Systems

Perfect c┬░mfort cannot be achieved without sophisticated regulation and control, which is exactly what Daikin offers.


-VRV Xpress-

Software for making your VRV selections easier.


-Service Checker-

Hardware and software combination for service technicians.