-Two stage compression with booster compression-


Cod produs Description
LCBKQ3AV1 Booster unit
Technical data:
> Refrigeration capacity 0.8 - 3.35kW at Tev = -35°C, Tamb = +32°C, with 1 m piping length between booster unit and cabinet

> Weight 47 kg

> Sound level 49 dB(A)

rpm adjustment:
66 - 298 Hz with inverter-technology
Power characteristics
- Booster (2-chamber swing compressor) in noise-insulated housing
- fully inverter driven
- lower pressure ratio
- lower compression end temperature
- lower power requirement
- additional sub-cool heat exchanger
- economizer cycle
- maximum 2 booster units per CVP system cycle
- maximum freezing suction line 30 m




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