Outdoor Units

The inverter driven outdoor unit has a smaller footprint than standard systems and requires less piping to connect it to the indoor units. The unit has 3 scroll compressors built in to run with R410A refrigerant.

Indoor Units

The Daikin Conveni pack system can be combined with a maximum of up to 6 indoor units, giving you a wide choice of design and installation placement.


The following are general documents for the Refrigeration product section:


Booster Unit

Conveni-pack can be provided with a freezer booster pack for use with low temperature refrigeration. This option brings additional energy savings and simplifies installation by limiting the length of heavily insulated pipe required. The freezer booster pack is installed indoors.
The freezer booster pack contains a satellite compressor which provides the first compression stage from -35°C into the suction line of the high temperature refrigeration. The second stage compression is performed in the outdoor unit. This allows significantly lower compression rates, energy consumption and end temperatures.

Control System

- Control of A/C system
- Display and storage of temperatures for refrigeration units
- Graphical display for system analysis
- Interface for remote monitoring service
(Air Conditioning Network Service System)