Daikin Altherma Hybrid Accessories & Options


EKRUCBL1 Controller with languages FR,NL,DE,IT
EKRUCBL2 Controller with languages En,SV,FI,NO
EKRUCBL3 Controller with languages EN,ES,PT,EL
EKRUCBL4 Controller with languages EN,RO,PL,TR
EKRUCBL5 Controller with languages DE,SI,CZ,SK
EKRUCBL6 Controller with languages EN,HR,HU,BG
EKRUCBL7 Controller with languages EN,DA,RU,LT

Connection kits & covers

EKHY075787 kit for connection to liquid gas supply
EKVK1A Valves for space heating, domestic hot water and gas connection
EKHYMNT1A mounting jig including valves
EKHY093467 cover plate for indoor unit

Flue gas connectors

EKHY090707 connection for 2x80 parallel connection (C53/C83)
EKHY090717 Concentric connection set from DN 60/100 to DN 80/125


EKHWP300B 300L pressureless hygienic domestic hot water tank with solar option
EKHWP500B 500L pressureless hygienic domestic hot water tank with solar option
EKEPHT3H connection kit for combination with EKHWP300B & EKHWP500B

Outdoor unit options

EKDP008C drain pan for outdoor unit
EKDPH008C heater tape for drain pan EKDP008C
EKFT008CA U beams for outdoor unit 

PC Cable - The Configurator

Cable to upload field settings from PC to controller

Drain pan kit

Drain pan kit for indoor unit to collect condensate during cooling operation

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Connection kits & covers
Flue gas connectors
Outdoor unit options
PC Cable
Drain pan kit