Adaptors & Controls for Split / SkyAir

Centralized Controls

Daikin Split and SkyAir units can be connected to all Daikin Centralized Control solutions.

For Split indoor units, a KRP928A2S adaptor is needed for every indoor unit
For SkyAir indoor units, no adaptor is neccessary if the unit already has F1/F2 connection terminals (see wiring diagram - most newer units), else a DTA112B51 is neccessary.

KKRP01A - Online Controller

Local Area Network Interface adaptor for Split indoor units (for RXYSQ-P8 and RXYRQ systems)
Provides ability to control the unit via a Local Area Network (LAN). If the LAN has access to the internet, provides ability to control the unit from the internet via without the need of any special configuration of the LAN. Alternatively can provide back-up and rotation functionality for units used in technical applications or group control of multiple indoor units (one adaptor needed for each indoor unit). Connects to the S21 port.
For installation outside of the unit. Note: not all Split indoor units are compatible (Connects to S21 port) – consult the Split catalogue or price list for details.


Optional wired remote controller for Split indoor units
Connects to S21 port.

DTA102A52 / DTA112B51

Centralized control adaptor for SkyAir units

DTA113 DS-Net System

DS-Net System for control of up to 4 SkyAir systems. For details, see the DS-net page in the VRV Centralized Control section.


Wiring adaptor for Remote On/Off or Forced Off


Wiring adaptor with 2 or 4 output signals – provides dry contacts, which can be used to activate/deactivate humidifiers, electrical heaters, fresh air fans, etc. based on
the indoor unit’s operation. Outputs: Compressor or Error status, Indoor unit fan status, Auxiliary heater signal (only on adaptors with 4 output signals), Humidifier signal (only on adaptors with 4 output signals). Connects to the indoor unit’s PCB.


Wiring adaptor for electrical appendices


Adapter PCB normal open / normal open pulse contact


Low noise / Demand adaptor for SkyAir outdoor units


Centralized control adaptor for Split units


Optional PCB for FTK/S Comfort Split units providing S21 connector for KRP928 / KRP413 / BRC944

Remote Controllers for SkyAir Units

Premium wired remote controller – includes multi-language full-text interface, back-light, weekly timer, integrated temperature sensor, VAM unit control, limit operation and room temperature display. Connects to P1/P2 terminals.

Standard wired remote controller – includes weekly timer, integrated temperature sensor, VAM unit control, limit operation. Connects to P1/P2 terminals.

BRC4- / BRC7-
Infra-red wireless remote controller – compared to BRC1D52 does not have timer, temperature sensor, VAM unit control and limit operation. Receiver depends on particular model / indoor unit and connects to indoor unit PCB or to P1/P2 terminals.


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